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Tips on caring for your horse or ponies rug

We believe that while a horse rug can be an expensive part of your equestrian kit, it is also worth bearing in mind its life expectancy, so giving your rug an annual wash or wash and re-proof will prolong its life a few more years. If we receive a rug we feel has reached the end or is beyond repair we will contact you before we wash it. Here are a few pointers that may be useful.

As rugs get older the nature of the fabric changes; extreme weather conditions, UV rays from the sun (even in the winter), barbwire fencing or when your horses are hungry and grazing in the hedges can all add up damaging the fabric of the rug. The fibres in the material weaken and become brittle and start to break down leaving rugs (especially turnouts) very porus and unable to keep the wet out. A good sign that your rug needs re-proofing is that water droplets no longer bead on the rug during heavy rain.

Stables Coolers Fleeces

Being a horse owner myself, if you have your horses stabled all winter it is worth investing it two stable rugs. Most horses tend to lie down and as a result stable rugs tend to get very damp and smell quickly. Every morning when possible put the rug somewhere it can get some air or even sunshine to help dry it out.

Never throw rugs down in a heap at the end of the winter as mice like to nest in them, flies lay eggs and the fabric can break down very quickly in a matter of weeks and never store rugs damp.

Turnout Rugs

All our turnouts take a very hard battering during the winter, from extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, frosts and snow. It is a good idea like your stable rug you give it a good air inside and out as most rugs tend to stay damp. If stored like this all sorts of nasty bacteria can start to grow which are not good for you and your horses health.

So every spring before they get put away for the next winter it is well worth getting them washed or washed and re-proofed as they will be cleaned, dried and packaged for storage professionally.

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