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Terms and Conditions

Rugs will be in the care of MUDDY RUGS for 1 week but can be up to 2 weeks during busy periods.  Customers will be advised on collection.


  • Damaged rugs are washed at the owner's risk.  Muddy Rugs cannot be held responsible for any further damage caused due to washing if the rugs are in need of repair.
  • All hairy rugs will need a De-Hair prior to washing.  We will carry out a De-Hair if we feel that rug requires it.  Muddy Rugs hold the right to charge for this service as hairy rugs clog machines and cause costly repairs and also prevents the dirt/grease being effectively removed during washing.


  • To reproof a turnout rug it first has to be washed in Nikwax rug wash prior to proofing.  If there are any rips, holes, repairs or poor fabric condition to the rug we cannot guarantee 100% waterproof.
  • If you have washed your rug in a domestic washing machine, tumble dried it or used domestic detergent to wash your rug with, we cannot guarantee waterproof as this destroys the protective layer of the rug fabric.


  • Repairs will not be carried out unless requested by the customer.
  • All rugs will have to be washed before any repairs can be done due to Health and Safety.
  • Repair estimates will be given by a member of Muddy Rugs staff (not Agent) on sight of the rug and this will not include the cost of washing or proofing which is an additional charge.
  • If we feel that the rug is beyond repair or too costly to repair we will call you before continuing if a contact number has been provided. If no contact number has been provided then we will return the rug not repaired as we haven’t had your permission to proceed.


Direct Muddy Rugs Collection

  • FREE COLLECTION & DELIVERY applies for orders over £100.00.  For orders, less than £100.00 fuel charges will incur. To avoid this change get together with a friend or use Muddy Rug agents.
  • Payment is required on delivery of rugs.
  • You will be asked your preferred method of payment upon collection by the Muddy Rugs van.
  • You will be contacted 48 hours prior to delivery.
  • If payment is not made, the rugs will not be left, then a fee will be charged for a second delivery attempt.  Subsequently failed deliveries will incur further charges. If after two months the rugs are still not collected Muddy Rugs reserve the right to sell the rugs to recover costs.

Agent Collection

  • Payment must be made for washing and reproofing when dropping off your rugs to our agents.
  • Any extra costs for repairs etc. should be paid for at the time of collection.
  • If the rug has not been collected at the agreed time the agent may charge storage at £1 per week and added to your bill.  If after two months the rugs are still not collected Muddy Rugs reserve the right to sell the rugs to recover costs.

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